October 15, 2006

Well Ramadan is coming to an end. It flew by as usual. We had 3 azooma's (dinner party) this year, it was hectic and tiring, but then we have left overs for a few days so its cool. My downstairs neighbor sent us a huge dish of cabbage mahshi again today. 4th time this month, that's besides the mombar, (a kind of rice sausage) and macaroni beshamel. It was delicious, I really have to learn how to make that, she's making me look bad.

Just a week left now, It goes by so quick, right?

We will most likely spend the week of Eid in Damanhour at my inlaw's. I really hope we get a chance to go go Carrefour in Alex, (it's 45 mins away) while we're there. I love that place. There aren't any big super stores here in Hurghada. Trouble is, its crazy crowded before/during Eid, but InshaAllah we can brave the crowds and make a trip. I need to get more baking chocolate, erasers, sharpeners and pencils in bulk (since the kids lose at least one of each every day), a school sweater for Salwa, and a bunch of other stuff. We should go to take the kids for a fun time at the play place to celebrate Eid. InshaAllah, Insha Allah.


  1. what of the three things you mentioned don't you know how to cook? The Mahshi? Mombar? or Bechamel?

    I have this great cheat mahshi recipe...where you don't have to roll it....I suppose you could call it a mahshi casserole!!

    When at Carrefours' don't forget to get some brown sugar and a can of rootbeer! Did you live in the states before? And are both ur parents egyptian? Sorry if I'm being NOSY!

  2. I can make macaroni beshamel, have no intrest in trying to make mombar but wanna learn how to make mahshi! Whats the shortcut recipe?

    I make brownsugar by mixing sugar and molases. (one cup sugar to a tsp molases for light and Tbs molases for dark brown sugar) THEY HAVE ROOT BEER AT CARREFOUR??? I was born and raised in the US, I moved here in 2002. Both my parents are Egyptian. Not nosey in the least! If you have some free time I'd love to chat with you, I'm mom2dawood on aol, yahoo and skype messengers. :O)


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