October 15, 2006

Truths of Motherhood

Mom does everything for the kids but when dad comes home its him they go running to greet at the door with kisses and cuddles.

A five minute shower is a mom's "me time".

When Mommy is sick, Mommy still has to function, do her job. When Daddy is sick, Daddy hibernates like a bear in a cave. Mom's aren't allowed to get sick. No sick days off work for us. That goes for morning sickness, back pain or any other pregnancy related ailments as well.

Moms can NEVER wake up when they WANT to or feel like it or without an alarm, besides we'd feel too guilty!

Moms always have a time they are expected back home. And the whole time she is out, shopping for her family or home...She feels guilty!

People who go to a job outside the house get coffee breaks and a lunch hour. Not so for old mom.

Everybody else in the house can make a mess and moms are supposed to pick it all up. If we stop cleaning up for 1/2 a day its all messed up again.

We get dinner cooked and on the table each day and when we finally sit down, we have to get up a million times during our meal to get what everybody else is perfectly capable of getting.

Moms are required to know the location of every personal item belonging to every member of the family at all times. "Where's my....... Phone, book, backpack, glasses, socks, shoes, etc.

When the family goes out or on vacation, Moms are still required to do their usual jobs: feeding babies, diapers, cooking, cleaning, dressing kids, ironing, etc. While everyone else relaxes 24/7.

Moms are required to provide endless supplies of drinks and food to kids, husbands, and their friends.

Moms are required to prepare a meal that will please every member of her family. You don't want to hear the moans and groans if they don't like what's for dinner.

Moms are used for human hankies, drooled on, vomited on etc. Moms do 100 things at one time while doing everything else for everyone else.

Moms remember stuff for husbands and children all the time.

If mom takes the kids to the mall or souk they must be spotless and perfectly behaved, and if they so much as make the slightest noise/mess people whisper about the mom who can't control her kids. If daddy takes the kids anywhere at all without his wife accompanying him, the kids can be rude, obnoxious, run up and down the aisles, be filthy and in miss matched clothes - people will still tell him how wonderful a parent he is.

If someone visits and the house is messy and moms out, daddy gets praised just for watching the kids (HIS OWN KIDS!). If someone visits and the house is messy and daddy is at work, Mom runs around like a crazy person cleaning the entire place in 3 minutes and still feels like a bad mother for ever having clutter in the first place.

If daddy says no, whine to mom for half an hour, and when she actually has the strength to still say no, cry your heart out and break hers.

A mom is a cook, a maid, a teacher, a nurse, a counselor, a call girl and a million other things all in one.

But we love our families and would jump in front of a train for them!

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