October 30, 2006

AH, its good to be home!

Alhamdulillah, home sweet home is no joke. Our week away was nice and we had fun, but man is it good to be back. Eid was good, and we got to go to Carrefour not once but twice, (Alex & Cairo) It was really crowded and some people should need a license to push a shopping cart, but I got what we wanted to get alhamdullilah.

Third day of Eid we went to "Lion Village" which is like a zoo, restaurant and circus type deal with a big group. Kids had fun and we saw lions and tigers, my fave! After we all went to Green Plaza mall in Alex and hung out at a cafe till 3 am, which we never get to do but it was fun.

I got laryngitis and had to whisper for a couple days, which is hard with kids, but its much better now. Post more later...

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