December 28, 2006


So Eid's the day after tomorrow and so far we're just having a kids party, my 2 neighbor friends and I. Tomorrow, I gotta:
~buy party supplies & groceries
~bake brownies & chocolate chip cookies
~decorate the apartment
~clean said apartment
Sooo, I thought I'd wish you all a Eid mubarak early, tonight. Have a good one people!

Alhamdullilah, we got the stuff from America so everyone has new clothes for Eid. Wonderful family and friends helped to get this stuff to us. So kind of everyone that helped supply me with coffee, makeup, magazines and Old Navy goodness. The December issue of InStyle is calling me but I promised myself that I wouldn't crack it open till I finished the pile of dishes. Allure will be my reward for finishing 2 loads of laundry tomorrow. I'm cool like that.

The kids made "Happy Eid" signs today with the crayons my mom sent them...They've never seen 94 crayons in one truely is a thing of beauty. Thanks mommy!

December 23, 2006

What's up people?

Eid is a week away, doesn't feel like it though. No plans as of yet, maybe a small kids party.

Mid year school vacation is coming up, just exams now, so I can say goodbye to the 5:30 alarm pretty soon!

I moved the fridge from the over crowded living room into the already tiny kitchen, but it's surprisingly better this way. Safiyah can't keep opening the fridge to stuff her face with halawa, and the living room is just a smidgen less cramped. We took the door off of the kitchen since we never close it anyway. It makes the kitchen a little bit roomier, and I just put the child gate on when I want to keep kids out.

Pay it Forward is on. I love this movie. Kevin Spacey is always great and Haley Joel Osment is tragically adorable in this role.

I made peanut butter oatmeal bars last night. They were so good! Even my neighbor who never heard of oatmeal raved!

Potty training Safiyah is getting really trying. You would think It would be easy after training the other 3. Not really. Each kid is different, I suppose but everyday I feel like giving up and putting a pampers on her. Today she took the liberty of getting up from her nap and taking of her soiled diaper, and smearing the contents on the wall. All before making a peep. Yea, that was gross. Thank God for Dettol.

December 20, 2006

Blooog Patroooool!

I love BlogPatrol. It tells me I have visitors from the US, Canada,Egypt, Saudi, UAE, Qatar,Taiwan and Japan! ( I have a fascination with Japan/Tokyo since I saw a travel show about it. Tokyo seems so cool, clean, organized, modern and the home of HELLO KITTY!!) Blogpatrol also lets me know that people have found my blog by searching:

-are spicy foods bad for laryngitis
-breastfeeding and halawa
-how to make an origami lucky star
-mona blog egypt

Plus, visitors' browsers, screen resolution, operating system and IP addresses. By the way, why do they provide this info? Is it just to show they can? Why do I care if a visitor in the UAE is browsing with MS IE6 on their MAC and their screen resolution is 800x600? It's still cool though.

December 17, 2006


You Are Marge Simpson
You're a devoted family member who loves unconditionally. Sometimes, though, you dream about living a wild secret life!
You will be remembered for: your good cooking and evading the police
Your life philosophy: "You should listen to your heart, and not the voices in your head."

I have been really wanting a feline friend lately. I know that last time we had a cat, I couldn't breathe or whatever, but I really want a cat! Maybe it was just that cat? Am I being naive? Get your daily dose of cute at The daily kitten.

December 15, 2006

Apartment Therapy

I am in love with this site and the entries for the "coolest smallest apartment" contest at

Motivation to declutter and decorate around here a bit. My favorite 2 entries are "Lucy's Love Shack" and "David and Im's one space".

The site has loads of other cool decorating ideas and home tours. Check it out peeps!

December 13, 2006

Word Cloud

This is cool, thanks Safa!


Hey, I'm Back again, I felt like no one reads this so I didn't feel like blogging for a while, but we got DSL now and I've got more time, plus I feel like it. If you read this blog, leave comments? Even just to say, Mona you suck. Thanks!

Anyway, not much new around here. Can't wait for the kids school break, I'm hoping they combine Christmas, and Eid for a week of or so, InshaAllah. I don't know if we'll go to Damanhour/Alex, but I feel like we just went.

I'm exited that we MIGHT get to go to Cairo next week to see 2 of my aunts and 2 cousins, on their stop over to Hajj. I haven't seen them in 4+ years and I'd LOVE to go, we're gonna see if we can, InshaAllah. Plus they're bringing wonderful American stuff for me with them so thanks and Alhamdulillah for that!

Anyone ever eat Pancit? It's a delicious Filipino dish my mom got from a co worker long ago and I am craving it. I made it a few weeks ago and the kids loved it, as did my neighbor. I had lost the recipe but found it on good old trusty recipezaar. It's rice stick (angel hair type noodles made of rice), shredded cabbage and carrots with chicken and green beans, its really yummy.

We got sugar cane last week and its more difficult than I remember. Basically you peel it and chew on it and spit it out! That sounds so gross. I guess it is. We put newspaper down and the kids had a ball. I guess it was fun as a kid, now it's just too much work. I might as well just eat spoonfuls of sugar, easier and a lot less mess but just as pointless.
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Another cool blog thing swiped from Safa.

I guess I watched a lot of TV or something. We moved around the US a lot as kids but mostly lived in NY/NJ. I always knew I had no accent! Take the quiz and leave a comment on what your results were! By the way who says bag rhyming with vague??

November 1, 2006

Breastfeeding in Public

I thought I would touch on this subject after a little situation that happened over the break, I'd like to know what other people think about it.

I was at Green Plaza Mall in Alex , in the womens room. There was a line of about7-8 people and there are 2 stalls in there. One stall was taking forever, then her friend said she was nursing her baby in there, but not to worry she put the seat cover down. There was no other private place for her to nurse her baby so she was forced to sit on a public toilet seat while people outside got annoyed. One old woman told the friend that it was haram and there was devils and the bathroom is a horrible place for anyone to eat. Others just muttered "haram" and sighed loudly.

On one side I can feel for the mom. I mean I was never one of those who could nurse and you'd never know it. I needed privacy. Alhamdulillah, my kids were able to take breast and bottle, but If I absolutely had to nurse I would have gone to the car or something. Maybe she came in a cab. I would say ask if she could use a dressing room in one of the stores but that might be embarassing for her, if the stores not all women, plus she probably needs a chair too.

On the other side I think what the old woman said was right. And yes the baby needs to eat but people need to pee too. There need to be places for mothers to nurse here. I think there's a mothers room in City Center.

This is a big mall they should think of these things. Not to mention this mall has been open for 3 1/2 years and the elevators have yet to be functional. Try a stroller on the escalator. Pretty dangerous.

By the time Salwa finished using the bathroom, the other stall that is, the mom came out with her little baby looking really embarassed after overhearing all the comments. I gave her my best empathetic mom to mom understanding looks and hoped she got it.

October 30, 2006

AH, its good to be home!

Alhamdulillah, home sweet home is no joke. Our week away was nice and we had fun, but man is it good to be back. Eid was good, and we got to go to Carrefour not once but twice, (Alex & Cairo) It was really crowded and some people should need a license to push a shopping cart, but I got what we wanted to get alhamdullilah.

Third day of Eid we went to "Lion Village" which is like a zoo, restaurant and circus type deal with a big group. Kids had fun and we saw lions and tigers, my fave! After we all went to Green Plaza mall in Alex and hung out at a cafe till 3 am, which we never get to do but it was fun.

I got laryngitis and had to whisper for a couple days, which is hard with kids, but its much better now. Post more later...

October 17, 2006

Beautiful sunset. All these pics were taken by my sister, Eman. Posted by Picasa

Safiya is 2 now! These are some recent pics of the kids, We were on a boat trip this summer here in the Red Sea, with my mom, sister and brother. Posted by Picasa

Dawood Posted by Picasa

Salwa is 4 now. Posted by Picasa

Zayneb, 6 Posted by Picasa

October 15, 2006

A really Belated Ramadan Kareem to you and yours.
Well Ramadan is coming to an end. It flew by as usual. We had 3 azooma's (dinner party) this year, it was hectic and tiring, but then we have left overs for a few days so its cool. My downstairs neighbor sent us a huge dish of cabbage mahshi again today. 4th time this month, that's besides the mombar, (a kind of rice sausage) and macaroni beshamel. It was delicious, I really have to learn how to make that, she's making me look bad.

Just a week left now, It goes by so quick, right?

We will most likely spend the week of Eid in Damanhour at my inlaw's. I really hope we get a chance to go go Carrefour in Alex, (it's 45 mins away) while we're there. I love that place. There aren't any big super stores here in Hurghada. Trouble is, its crazy crowded before/during Eid, but InshaAllah we can brave the crowds and make a trip. I need to get more baking chocolate, erasers, sharpeners and pencils in bulk (since the kids lose at least one of each every day), a school sweater for Salwa, and a bunch of other stuff. We should go to take the kids for a fun time at the play place to celebrate Eid. InshaAllah, Insha Allah.
Those who know me personally know this year has been weird, family wise.

My parents got divorced after 38 years.

Polygyny was involved but I don't need to post the details.

The whole thing has really shaken everything I believed about marriage. What happened to growing old together? Its made me think about the reality of polygyny and how many people it can hurt when it's abused.

Truths of Motherhood

Mom does everything for the kids but when dad comes home its him they go running to greet at the door with kisses and cuddles.

A five minute shower is a mom's "me time".

When Mommy is sick, Mommy still has to function, do her job. When Daddy is sick, Daddy hibernates like a bear in a cave. Mom's aren't allowed to get sick. No sick days off work for us. That goes for morning sickness, back pain or any other pregnancy related ailments as well.

Moms can NEVER wake up when they WANT to or feel like it or without an alarm, besides we'd feel too guilty!

Moms always have a time they are expected back home. And the whole time she is out, shopping for her family or home...She feels guilty!

People who go to a job outside the house get coffee breaks and a lunch hour. Not so for old mom.

Everybody else in the house can make a mess and moms are supposed to pick it all up. If we stop cleaning up for 1/2 a day its all messed up again.

We get dinner cooked and on the table each day and when we finally sit down, we have to get up a million times during our meal to get what everybody else is perfectly capable of getting.

Moms are required to know the location of every personal item belonging to every member of the family at all times. "Where's my....... Phone, book, backpack, glasses, socks, shoes, etc.

When the family goes out or on vacation, Moms are still required to do their usual jobs: feeding babies, diapers, cooking, cleaning, dressing kids, ironing, etc. While everyone else relaxes 24/7.

Moms are required to provide endless supplies of drinks and food to kids, husbands, and their friends.

Moms are required to prepare a meal that will please every member of her family. You don't want to hear the moans and groans if they don't like what's for dinner.

Moms are used for human hankies, drooled on, vomited on etc. Moms do 100 things at one time while doing everything else for everyone else.

Moms remember stuff for husbands and children all the time.

If mom takes the kids to the mall or souk they must be spotless and perfectly behaved, and if they so much as make the slightest noise/mess people whisper about the mom who can't control her kids. If daddy takes the kids anywhere at all without his wife accompanying him, the kids can be rude, obnoxious, run up and down the aisles, be filthy and in miss matched clothes - people will still tell him how wonderful a parent he is.

If someone visits and the house is messy and moms out, daddy gets praised just for watching the kids (HIS OWN KIDS!). If someone visits and the house is messy and daddy is at work, Mom runs around like a crazy person cleaning the entire place in 3 minutes and still feels like a bad mother for ever having clutter in the first place.

If daddy says no, whine to mom for half an hour, and when she actually has the strength to still say no, cry your heart out and break hers.

A mom is a cook, a maid, a teacher, a nurse, a counselor, a call girl and a million other things all in one.

But we love our families and would jump in front of a train for them!