May 6, 2005

Just a little vent on litterbugs

I hate litterbugs! Why can't people just throw their trash in a trash can?

Oh! There isn't one around? Not an excuse to just throw it on the street! You keep it, (stay with me now I realize this is complex) until there IS a trash can around! What a novel idea! The street is not a trash can. A planter, although it might confuse you, being so similar and all, is NOT a garbage can. You can always tell the difference because there's a PLANT in this thing! The circle in the sidewalk in which there is a tree growing from...Also not for rubbish. Again, the tree should tip you off.

People just open up a pack of chips or whatnot and without a care, release the wrapper on to the ground. Not even trying to pretend they dropped it! (not that that's excusable, but the sheer audacity!) I have witnessed a man unwrap an ice cream cone in the super market for his whining daughter and just throw the sticky ice cream wrapper on the FLOOR! Right there in the Carrefour!! This is besides the fact that he is probably not going to pay for it. (How could he?)

Do they do this in their homes? I doubt it. This is one of my BIGGEST pet peeves!


  1. Anonymous10:48 PM

    Oh my God, Mona, You took the words literally out of my mouth. I was just talking to a colleague about that. It annoys me too because it just punishes all those people out there who understand what a trash can is for and follow basic hygiene. Another major problem i have is that some people seriously dont realize that they have body odor...I mean dont they get a hint when everyone avoids salam? I mean i understand if youre having a busy day and you had to wear something twice.. but everyday, all the time stink? You know who I am...basha 2

  2. That is definately an issue here in Yemen. It seems as though there is garbage everywhere. I'm having a hard time getting my 4 year to not throw things on the ground, especially since he sees his uncles throwing stuff on the ground all the time. It drives me crazy.

  3. Yea, Maybe tell him, it's not right...he could tell his uncles. Who can argue with that? Especially coming from a cute little 4 yr old!

  4. BO is an atrocious pollutant indeed.

  5. I agree completely!


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