May 4, 2005

Attacks in Cairo

The recent terrorist attacks have just really made me angry. The ignorance of the people carrying out the bombing and shooting is just unbelievable. It really saddens me to know that this crap is going on again here.

The idiot who bombed/jumped off of a bridge, does he think Allah will reward him? The two morons that opened fire on a bus, could they really be under the impression that their actions could secure them a place in paradise? Who by the way were niquab (face veil) wearing women. Yea, way to dispel the fear that there's a bazooka under there.

We KNOW murder is haram (forbidden) as is suicide. I just cannot fathom the thought process here. I realize that it's a really complex issue, but it's just basic Islamic knowledge: Killing-bad.


  1. Hope you and your family are safe sister.slams.

  2. salam

    i bugged out too when i saw that stuff in egypt. subhan Allah


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