April 10, 2005


I have been feeling crappy, 'cause I have strep throat. It sucks. My right tonsil is swollen, painful and I can barely eat. Can one elect to have their tonsils taken out? Surely the pain of this simple surgery can't be worse than chronic strep throat. Plus I hear there is ice cream involved.

I cleaned out my closet today. By the way, closets here are not like, in the US, not little rooms in the wall. No, they are furniture, like a big cabinet. I don't know the word. Anyway I cleaned ours out today. Took out all the winter stuff, stuff we never use that takes up space, folded everything back in and now the doors actually close. It is a pretty sight. Now to tackle the kids' closet. It used to lock. This was great because it prevented Salwa from constantly taking everything out, and changing clothes, again and again. The key broke though. Now, I strategically wedge a piece of clothing in the door so she can't open it easily. She will out-smart me on that pretty soon, no doubt.

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