April 10, 2005

A shout out to Z to the A to the YNEB.

Zayneb is wonderful. For over a month now she has been talking about a "hafla" or recital her class was having. It was today, they memorized songs for it and were to perform on stage. They required us to get a pink dress, white tights and white shoes. Ok, we figured we can find a simple summer dress she can use again. Then we got the invite, it was 5le each, which was ok, but written on it was: No children and no photography.

UGH, What?? What is the point. She wanted Dawood and Salwa to see her. We wanted to video tape her and take pictures to share with grandparents and such. When we talked to her about it, she simply said. Ok, I'll just be absent. (Although the recital was in the evening, she though of it as school) I knew how much this meant to her, but being the selfless, kind child that she is, she immediately, and without hesitation, opted out. She said she wanted us all to be there, so it wasn't going to work out. "Next time" she said, giving us hugs. MashaAllah. Zayneb, you rock!


  1. Anonymous10:25 PM

    Go Zayneb! That was really mature of you. You are becoming a big girl mashallah. I hate it when they say no kids on the invites. Its like that whole Alexandria Library incident when they wouldnt let me and my two older kids in because i had a baby in the stroller. I think its not fair to punish the parents who teach their kids how to behave at a public place because there are parents that simply dont.
    It's me, Eman

  2. Anonymous4:30 PM

    yeah, that was sooo nice of you, Zayneb!!!about the annoying rules that also happens to me like when i was a t this amusement park the ride was for 14 and under, i was 10 then and they wouldn't let me in cuz i looked older than my age (just because i was taller than my freinds). any way i luv your blog


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