April 10, 2005

SafSaf Posted by Hello

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  1. mumhk4:30 AM

    i think each culture is different and some are more open to expressing feelings of admiration towards small kids etc.Even the men!!well,of course your maternal instincts would precaution you to be alert to any untoward behaviour and it should ...but meanwhile relax and Enjoy(!??) the love ur child is getting and say al hamdulillah for whatever they might see in ur lil darling! so long as it's not too much to take, or getting out of hand.Out here in Hong kong my daughter also gets squealed at by(i notice the mainland chinese seem more vocal about their feelings and react instantlty to young kids).My daughter Zainab,unlike your child Zayneb,does not approve of the crooning compliments tohere features and shies away.I guess it's becos she is a bit older and starting to feel more private about her body and self at this stage..well, I do agree with you that it can be unnerving , as it happens so unexpectedly and all of a sudden ...


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