April 10, 2005

The Safiyah Update

Safiyah is 6 months old today. It flew by! She now rolls over to her stomach and back, in one direction. She's on the move! She eats rice cereal and had a mashed up banana the other day. Loved it! She also gnaws on a hard toast like biscuit but I'll only give it to her if I am watching her. It's hilarious to see her smacking her gums, in awe this new way to eat. She is, mashaAllah, a happy, content baby. Safiyah does this cute thing when her dad smiles at her, she will smile and then look away, all shy like! We love it! She loves watching her sisters and brother playing and often laughs out loud when they run about, and laugh themselves. She has a great little giggle and a hearty, can't catch her breath all out laugh. She uses them appropriately, depending on what's going on and her mood. She also says funny stuff like dadadadadada and lalalalalala. So articulate, this one. I love you Safiyah!

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  1. Anonymous10:20 PM

    Safiyah! I cant wait to meet you! You sound like a cool gal.
    Love Khaltoo Eman


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