March 30, 2005

What A Pity

Ok, If you are an Arab, you probably know who Ahmed Zaki is, and you probably know that he passed away a few days ago, Allahyerhamo (may god have mercy on him). He was an Egyptian actor, probably the best.

Anyway, They televised his ganaza, or funeral. It really made me sad. Not because he died. We are all gonna die and he was a man just like any other. What made me sad was the way the public mourners were acting. A ganaza is a solemn, serious event. MANY people were behaving as if they were attending a soccer match! It was ridiculous. People were Yelling and screaming and cheering his name DURING THE ATHAN AND PRAYERS OF GANAZA AND ZDUHR! (funeral/noon prayers) They were pushing and shoving to get close and try to touch his casket and go into the burial area!! That really angered me. It was pathetic. Anyone else see this? It was really disappointing as an Egyptian.

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