March 13, 2005

Warning:This label causes great laughter

This is from a package of rulers and pencil that came free in a cereal box. The Warning is too funny. This picture is really blurry, but it says:

  • This product was easy to burning, aloof the high temperature, please.because maybe beget any danger and the product's definition distort.
  • The product have some keenness part, so need to prevent bruise.
  • The product only befit measure and study, unable to do other definition's mensure.
  • Needed the paterfamilias accompany. if the children haven't 3 years.
HA! WHY even have a warning if you cannot even understand it?
If you're like me and find this type of stuff hilarious, check out

Aloof the high temperature. PLEASE!!!!
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  1. classic

    i needed a laugh after a bad basketball game. I like today's one with the poisonous and evil rubbish!


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