March 1, 2005

"More quotations than you can shake a stick at!"

We have this new satellite channel here, mbc4, (not to be confused with mbc1 Arabic , mbc 2 English movies, also awesome and mbc 3 cartoons) and Its wonderful. Full of wonder.

Well for here, it is. They have ABC, and CBS news (not that it's great, but interesting to watch) and "Good Morning America" (in the afternoon), "Oprah"(ain't she looking great?), "Law and Order", "WHEEL....OF....FORTUNE!", and "Jeopardy"! All I need now is "The Price is Right", and it would be perfect! (A NEW CAR!!!) Then again the game, being about prices in the US, would be kind of irrelevant.
(mbc4 has a domain but it's not up yet)

Other cool shows are "Seinfeld", "Friends", "Third Rock", "Monk", and "20/20". They also do show some dumb stuff too like "Joe Millionaire" (foolish girls), " I'm a Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here", Days of our Lives", "Angel", "Buffy", "X-Files" (sorry cult-followings, just my opinion).

The other good channel is Onetv. They show cool programs like "The Amazing Race", "Survivor", (old seasons, still new to me) "Gilmore Girls", (YAY!),"Extreme Make-over" (yikes), "CSI", "Alias", "Punk'd", "Blues Clues", and "Pinky and the Brain", in ENGLISH!! Some other channels show it dubbed in Arabic, but its just not the same!

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