March 5, 2005

It's Under Control, InshaAllah

Ok, so I have 4 kids ages 5 months through 6 1/2, alhamdullilah. I am constantly being asked "How do you do it?" Really, it's not that hard.

Somehow there are enough hours in the day to tend to the children, fix breakfast, pack lunches, cook dinner, bake desserts, nurse/feed the baby, oversee homework, change diapers, wipe butts, iron clothes, wash dishes, general cleaning, do laundry, play with kids, spend time with husband, keep in touch with friends and family, and news and deen on the internet, watch some TV, and sleep (well some sleep).

The thing is, I enjoy most of those things. (I like having a clean apt. and clean clothes, but the actual task is not one that I particularly LIKE to do) Most of the time I am not running around like a chicken without it's head. It's a pleasure and a blessing to have the responsibility of caring for my family. Besides the rewards are far greater than the effort.

Yesterday the kids and I went to a lovely birthday party at a friend's house and it was great. The kids were great. Not one fight over a toy, not one whine, not one bathroom accident, not even any spilled food/spoiled clothes. It was wonderful to just enjoy myself, converse, and meet new people. Alhamdullilah. I made a point to praise them for their good behavior, 'cause you know I call them on the bad behavior. I could see they were proud of themselves, and that was a good feeling.

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