March 30, 2005

Back to Life... Back to reality...

But its a good thing. I missed my daily routines. Home is where the heart is, where you hang your hat (or hijab) and all that great stuff.

A few things I wanted to comment on about the town my inlaws live in. It's called Damanhour, its about an hour from Alexandria. It's pretty nice, and stuff is way cheaper than here. Get this: High speed internet connection in your home...40LE a month! That's like $6US! An hour of dial up here costs 1.50LE so you can do the math. The town is really quaint and not too rural or too city like. One thing I love is watching people from the balacona or balcony. Everyday people put out their blankets, comforters and pillows out to sun and air out. They beat their rugs that way too. Not too pleasant if your below them though. Also, there's this really cool thing people have in Egyptian balconies. A sabat or basket is a wicker or plastic basket on a rope that you lower to the street to buy stuff! It's awesome! The kids LOVED this because we could buy cotton candy from the horn blowing, balloon selling cotton candy guy that came by everyday at 2:30 this way without running downstairs. You can buy produce, newspaper and other stuff this way from these moving street vendors. Is that cool or what?? I'm really asking.

Balconies do freak me out though. Little kids want to peer over and its REALLY scary. Thankfully I don't have one in my apartment but if I ever do, which is more than likely since most apartments have them here, I will put a lock on the door up high. Call me paranoid but the thought of a kid peering just a little to far gives me nightmares.

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