March 30, 2005

Adventures in Shopping....

with 4 kids. I doubt I will be doing that again very soon.

Ok so on a trip to Carrefour, which by the way is the biggest, best superstore in Egypt, I had a little situation. E was elsewhere and I thought It would be nice to do some shopping and I wanted the kids with me so they could choose stuff. All good right? Before we left I made sure no one drank too much and they all used the bathroom. When we got to the mall,(45 mins later) I asked if anyone had to go before we went into the store. Nope! Ok so we're shopping, we get some stuff, our carts getting filled up, having fun...Then Dawood all of a sudden, starts doing a little dance and says he has to go to the bathroom. I didn't plan on that one. What could I do. I'm like, can it wait? (when it obviously can't) He said, no. Then Zayneb's like I wanna go too. Now mind you. Dawood is not yet 7 and the store/mall was really crowded and It was impossible to consider sending him alone. The bathroom is outside of the store in the mall, quiet far away. One lady overheard and offered to take them to the bathroom and comeback. I thought that was weird and while she seemed like a normal person, I wasn't having it. SO, I parked my shopping cart by the entrance, LUGGED the carseat/carrier/Safiyah, threw my massive diaperbag/purse/messenger bag over my shoulder, held Salwas hand, made Dawood and Zayneb hold hands and walk in front of me, and weaved my way through the huge Mother's day crowd. (it's in March here?) to the restrooms, all the while trying not to lose the kids. It was an ordeal, but looking back, I don't know why I freaked out.

Speaking of public bathrooms, I still take Dawood with me to the ladies room and I don't know how long that will go on. I'm scared to let him go in the men's alone, but I think the other women might not like him in there much longer. What to do?

Anyway, next time I go shopping with the 4 in tow, I will have someone else with me. Or put diapers on 'em all!

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  1. did i mention having kids scares me


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