February 17, 2005

A Weighty Issue

I REALLY need to start a diet. (See what I did there, with the title…weighty, Ha.)
I mean REALLY. This REALLY is much more REAL than the last dozen or so REALLYs.

I mean, I have to do something, once and for all. (Well really not all, just me!)

See, but funny thing, I love food.
It's good and tasty.

I enjoy it very much.

Isn't the point of a diet or change of eating habits, to eat less food? Actually, eat less food that tastes GOOD. One could eat a bushel of carrots, and lose weight, but who wants to do that? Besides the fact that your hands will be orange, one can only eat a few raw plain veggies before getting bored and reaching for the HoHo's.

Your gonna say "But Mona, you could whip up delicious healthy meals, lose weight and feel great!"

Theoretically, that sounds great, but what about the husband who wants real man's meals, comprised of large pieces of fried meat, buttered veggies, carbs aplenty and an ice cold Pepsi to wash it all down?

Excuses, excuses. Yes I know. It's hard to have to eat "diet" food (let alone cook a separate meal!) when everyone else is eating the good stuff.

Admittedly my main problem is sweets. Primarily chocolate.
I could do without the Galaxy bars, Nestle Paradise ice cream, and Borio's (Egypt's sad imitation of Oreo's HA! Isn't that funny? Borio's, Oreo's. HEE! Good enough for me though, huh?)

I could probably loose weight by simply cutting out sweets. But that would be just crazy. I would go mad.

I think.

I guess moderation in all things right? I have very little will power when it comes to this. I ask Allah to grant me will power.

Exercise. Just that word makes me tired. Seriously though, I feel like what's the point if I'm gonna scarf down a Twix later?

So hopefully, InshaAllah, the food things gotta come first. I just have to commit to it, and seeing as how I just told the internet about my food/diet/exercise issues, I really gotta try hard.



  1. Asalaamu alaikum,
    I know what you're trying to say about the change in diet coming first but usually that habit is hardest to break. The way I look at it, is if you exercise you'll at least be burning excess calories. The wanting to eat healthier comes naturally after exercising a while. That's what I've noticed personally though everyone is different. Keep us updated!

  2. Alaikum alsalam,
    Thanks tasmiya, That makes sense. I'm just messed up!

  3. If you don't mind a good starter: Drink water. Lots of it. Good equation for weight loss starting with drinking water is take your weight and divide it by 2 and drink that amount of water in ounces. (That could be an interesting coversion as you probably use metric... but find a converter). Thirst actually masks as hunger. Go figure.

  4. I know this will make you roll your eyes and say "whatever" BUT I challange you to try it for 2 weeks. I heard a great talk from Tony Robbins about this and if u want me to share it with you, I would love to. He discribes how u can change your whole attitiude about the way u look and feel for serious change. I tried it and it works. Let me know.

  5. Salam!
    This is going to sound crazy, but I lost forty pounds (almost twenty kilos) by no longer drinking coffee. Some people say it's because coffee interacts with cortisol (a stress hormone) but I also think it has to do with what people put in it. I also ate normal food but had half portions of anything containing white flour and switched to 99% dark chocolate. Sounds crazy but it worked for me.

  6. NO! Not the coffee! Anything but that! But the rest of it sounds logical (even to me!) Thanks for the tip, about the chocolate, you live in the land of many chocolates, so I applaud you for sticking to just the one dark chocolate. Unfortunately it's not readily available here. Thanks for the tips!

  7. I too really really really need to loose weight. I love excercising, but rarely do it, some mental block i guess. Me being the hypocrite I am, woudl suggest only eating at meal times so that you can eat the same food, but cutting out al lthe extra snacks and such will reduce calorie/fat intake. InshAllah we will both suceed
    Khuda Hafiz,
    (hehe how ironic. In Hindi/Urdu Motu is like a nickname for fattie/fatso)


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