February 3, 2005


So tonight at McDonald's, while the kids were playing in the play area, a family came in. Three kids, looking about 10-14 in age ran into the play area, TAKING OVER THE WHOLE THING! UGH, they were TOO BIG and TOO OLD for it! The play area in this particular Mcd's was not that big, just a couple of tubes, a slide, a steering wheel/window thingy and the tic tac toe.
These kids' legs were longer than the dang slide!

Now I do not expect quiet while in McDonald's, where kids are playing, but these three were really loud and obnoxious with the monkey noises, swinging from the frame of the play structure, and not leaving any rooms for little kids to play. Not just my kids but a couple of other kids came to complain to their parents too. (Ok, they spoke in German, but it was obvious why they were upset.) Nice impression they are getting of the Egyptian people, huh?

PLUS, the BIG PLAY AREA HOGS took ice cream cones in there, which is not allowed for obvious reasons.

Of course their parents didn't give them a second look; meanwhile I was rolling my eyes so hard I have a headache.

Thankfully, they left while we were eating and my kids could play while E and I got cappuccinos.

While I'm at it, here's another vent.

I have not had any of my girls' ears pierced. They will have it done when they are older, maybe 8 or 10, InshaAllah, if they chose. For my family, I feel it really serves no purpose at this age, and that gold jewelry isn't meant for babies or kids.

People here CAN NOT comprehend that. Everyone thinks Safiyah is a boy because she doesn't have earrings in her ears. Never mind if she has a pink dress and tights on. That doesn't bother me. Who cares if stranger's think she is a boy? It never fails though. Here is what happens.

Nosey Woman: Oh what a cute little boy, what's his name?
Me: Oh, she's a girl, her name is Safiyah.
Nosey Woman: (GASP!) She doesn't have earrings!
Me: Yea, I know. I'll get them done when she is older.
Nosey Woman: But everyone will think she is a boy!
Me: It's not really important if other people know weather she is male or female, besides babies are cute with out any gold decorations.
Nosey Woman: But it will hurt when she is older!
Me: I had my ears pierced when I was 8, and it didn't hurt at all.
Nosey Woman: You should still do it...It will look so cute!



  1. I feel your pain. The same thing happened to me when I was about 6-years-old. Some street punks raided the ball pit at Chucky Cheese's and I got kicked in the face by one accidentally. Those jerks ruined my whole day, and made my nose bleed. It sure was funny when the security guards booted them out kicking and screaming.

  2. On the ear piercing thing, I have been through EXACTLY the same thing in Syria!!! They think that they're boys even though they're dressed in girls' clothes because many more superstitious people there who are afraid of the "Evil eye" will dress their boys in girls' clothes because of all that cultural nonsense that having boys is supposedly better than having girls, astaghfiru l-laah and they're afraid of the jealousy. I think I blogged about this once before but I had my ears pierced when I was 10 and I think my girls will have until at least then or maybe puberty.

  3. Salam UmmZaynab, If you are the UmmZaynab I think you are...I love your blog. If your not, nevermind!

  4. Yes it's me-- thanks! You can tell from the way I spell my Arabic ;)

  5. Hello, love your blog. Cannot believe Hurghada has a MCdonalds now. I suppose it has been a hwile since I've lived there.
    Good luck with all..


  6. Thanks Ahlawi! Yea we gots Mcdonalds, KFC, Pizza Hutt and even Nathan's. I wish there was a Carrefour though!

  7. Anonymous3:48 PM

    Well I just want to say about "gold is not for babies" that putting gold on a baby girl is not wrong nor is it exploitation. Islamically it is only haram for men to wear gold, there's nothing about at what age a girl is allowed to wear it. Besides I'm sure once the girl is old enough to make a choice she will choose to get earrings, or maybe %99 of girls will probably.

  8. Anonymous, Where did I say anything about it being haram? I just think it's not neccessary. Everyone's entitled to their opinion.


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