February 7, 2005

Back to School. Again.

Dawood and Zayneb started back for the second term on Saturday, and after over a month off, People always say "I bet you are happy they're back in school so you have it easier" or something to that effect. It's like that Staple's commercial... "It's the most wonderful time of the year" with the dad shopping for school supplies, skipping, and prancing with GLEE.

I like it better when they are off school. The day seems longer and less choppy. I get to SLEEP. Mornings are relaxed and we all eat together. I get to do stuff with my kids and actually finish them because they can stay up later, and we have more time together.

On school days I have to wake up at 5:30, for Dawood's bus picks him up at 6:15. Then I wake up Zayneb at 7, and Salwa wakes up then too. I get her ready, and fed, then she is picked up at 7:45. IF and only if, I can get the remaining 2 girls to sleep simultaneously, I can get a nap. Somewhere in there I get breakfast for me and E, and most importantly COFFEE.

Upon their arrival from school I check for teachers' notes, See what the homework is, and NAG them to do it. This usually takes about an hour, maybe 2 for Dawood if he has a lot. Then it's dinner time, then they spend some time with Dad and play, then its bedtime.

I'll choose days off of school over school days EVERY TIME.

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