February 28, 2005

Oscar Madness

The Oscars were on here, live, in the middle of the night. So I did what any normal, rational person would do. I set my alarm to 3 am so I could wake up and push record. (No timer) I woke up again later, to get Dawood up and ready and I caught the last few awards.

Someone told me that some of the Oscars were awarded in the audience?? What the? How lame. The whole exitement of the moment of winning an Oscar is to go UP THERE! BLAH!

I havn't seen any of these movies, so what do I know, but I was glad Jamie Foxx won. I still picture him as "Wanda" from "In Living Color", ("I'm ret to go!") Hee!

I thought the stage set was ugly this year, but there were lotsa purdy dresses.

I'll post more about this once I actually WATCH the show.

February 25, 2005

Last night I made Banana Cake . (Shut up. Bananas are healthy)
Everyone loved it.

NO more mushy, over ripe bananas on the counter! Goodbye fruit flies!
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February 24, 2005

"How cute am I?" Posted by Hello

February 23, 2005

Breaking Down the Global Village

I recently came across this article and found it very interesting... (by Corey Farley from the RGJ)

"A leading cause of the world's problems is the belief that We,
because We are Us, are automatically right.
I'm thinking of a specific set of beliefs emanating from 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue in the nation's capitol, but it's a global phenomenon. From the tiniest village in the jungles of Brazil (or wherever they still have tiny villages; New Guinea?) to the United Nations, the
notion that God-or-whomever favors Us Alone creates a lot of woe. It's one thing
to love your country and feel blessed to be among its citizens, another to
believe all other entities are Evil.

Which brings us to the latest breakdown -as in analysis, not collapse- of the Global Village. We did this a few years ago, but the new figures are in, and it's a useful reminder for people who think God went to all the trouble of creating the universe solely so he could confer
his blessings on white folks from the central part of North America:

If the world's population were reduced to 100 people:

* There would be 57 Asians, 21 Europeans, 14 people from the Western Hemisphere (both north and south) and eight Africans.
* 52 would be female; 48 male.
* 30 would be white; 70 non-white.
* 30 would be Christians, but 70 would not.
* 11 would be gay.
* Six would control 59 percent of the village's wealth.
* 80 would live in substandard housing.
* 70 would be illiterate.
* Only half would have enough to eat.
* One - one person - would have a college degree.
* One would own a computer.

And we talk about generously tolerating them? We're lucky they let us hang around at all."

February 21, 2005

It's a beautiful morning....

Can I just say that it is 70 degrees here today? It's so nice out! (see I'm not always complaining!)

Sometimes I feel really lucky to live here in Hurghada, A place where people from all over the world come to vacation. Where there are palm trees everywhere and it rains like, once a year.

Alhamdullilah, life's good.

February 17, 2005

A Weighty Issue

I REALLY need to start a diet. (See what I did there, with the title…weighty, Ha.)
I mean REALLY. This REALLY is much more REAL than the last dozen or so REALLYs.

I mean, I have to do something, once and for all. (Well really not all, just me!)

See, but funny thing, I love food.
It's good and tasty.

I enjoy it very much.

Isn't the point of a diet or change of eating habits, to eat less food? Actually, eat less food that tastes GOOD. One could eat a bushel of carrots, and lose weight, but who wants to do that? Besides the fact that your hands will be orange, one can only eat a few raw plain veggies before getting bored and reaching for the HoHo's.

Your gonna say "But Mona, you could whip up delicious healthy meals, lose weight and feel great!"

Theoretically, that sounds great, but what about the husband who wants real man's meals, comprised of large pieces of fried meat, buttered veggies, carbs aplenty and an ice cold Pepsi to wash it all down?

Excuses, excuses. Yes I know. It's hard to have to eat "diet" food (let alone cook a separate meal!) when everyone else is eating the good stuff.

Admittedly my main problem is sweets. Primarily chocolate.
I could do without the Galaxy bars, Nestle Paradise ice cream, and Borio's (Egypt's sad imitation of Oreo's HA! Isn't that funny? Borio's, Oreo's. HEE! Good enough for me though, huh?)

I could probably loose weight by simply cutting out sweets. But that would be just crazy. I would go mad.

I think.

I guess moderation in all things right? I have very little will power when it comes to this. I ask Allah to grant me will power.

Exercise. Just that word makes me tired. Seriously though, I feel like what's the point if I'm gonna scarf down a Twix later?

So hopefully, InshaAllah, the food things gotta come first. I just have to commit to it, and seeing as how I just told the internet about my food/diet/exercise issues, I really gotta try hard.


February 14, 2005


This is gonna sound like I work for them or something. I don't. Really.

I just found this website
RECIPEZAAR , where you can find TONS of recipes. Recipes from different regions of the world, with pictures and ratings. You can make meal plans and add recipe's to your online cookbook, print meal plans and shopping lists, and even convert measurements to however many servings you want and from US to Metric, Fahrenheit to Celsius temp. Etc. There's even a message board. I love this site!

No, I don't work for recipezaar.


February 7, 2005

Back to School. Again.

Dawood and Zayneb started back for the second term on Saturday, and after over a month off, People always say "I bet you are happy they're back in school so you have it easier" or something to that effect. It's like that Staple's commercial... "It's the most wonderful time of the year" with the dad shopping for school supplies, skipping, and prancing with GLEE.

I like it better when they are off school. The day seems longer and less choppy. I get to SLEEP. Mornings are relaxed and we all eat together. I get to do stuff with my kids and actually finish them because they can stay up later, and we have more time together.

On school days I have to wake up at 5:30, for Dawood's bus picks him up at 6:15. Then I wake up Zayneb at 7, and Salwa wakes up then too. I get her ready, and fed, then she is picked up at 7:45. IF and only if, I can get the remaining 2 girls to sleep simultaneously, I can get a nap. Somewhere in there I get breakfast for me and E, and most importantly COFFEE.

Upon their arrival from school I check for teachers' notes, See what the homework is, and NAG them to do it. This usually takes about an hour, maybe 2 for Dawood if he has a lot. Then it's dinner time, then they spend some time with Dad and play, then its bedtime.

I'll choose days off of school over school days EVERY TIME.

February 3, 2005


So tonight at McDonald's, while the kids were playing in the play area, a family came in. Three kids, looking about 10-14 in age ran into the play area, TAKING OVER THE WHOLE THING! UGH, they were TOO BIG and TOO OLD for it! The play area in this particular Mcd's was not that big, just a couple of tubes, a slide, a steering wheel/window thingy and the tic tac toe.
These kids' legs were longer than the dang slide!

Now I do not expect quiet while in McDonald's, where kids are playing, but these three were really loud and obnoxious with the monkey noises, swinging from the frame of the play structure, and not leaving any rooms for little kids to play. Not just my kids but a couple of other kids came to complain to their parents too. (Ok, they spoke in German, but it was obvious why they were upset.) Nice impression they are getting of the Egyptian people, huh?

PLUS, the BIG PLAY AREA HOGS took ice cream cones in there, which is not allowed for obvious reasons.

Of course their parents didn't give them a second look; meanwhile I was rolling my eyes so hard I have a headache.

Thankfully, they left while we were eating and my kids could play while E and I got cappuccinos.

While I'm at it, here's another vent.

I have not had any of my girls' ears pierced. They will have it done when they are older, maybe 8 or 10, InshaAllah, if they chose. For my family, I feel it really serves no purpose at this age, and that gold jewelry isn't meant for babies or kids.

People here CAN NOT comprehend that. Everyone thinks Safiyah is a boy because she doesn't have earrings in her ears. Never mind if she has a pink dress and tights on. That doesn't bother me. Who cares if stranger's think she is a boy? It never fails though. Here is what happens.

Nosey Woman: Oh what a cute little boy, what's his name?
Me: Oh, she's a girl, her name is Safiyah.
Nosey Woman: (GASP!) She doesn't have earrings!
Me: Yea, I know. I'll get them done when she is older.
Nosey Woman: But everyone will think she is a boy!
Me: It's not really important if other people know weather she is male or female, besides babies are cute with out any gold decorations.
Nosey Woman: But it will hurt when she is older!
Me: I had my ears pierced when I was 8, and it didn't hurt at all.
Nosey Woman: You should still do it...It will look so cute!