September 6, 2013

More Photos Apropos Of Nothing

Freshly threaded brows put a little wind in my sails.

Made chocolate cupcakes with peanut butter frosting for the kids (and my face), they were good!

A subtle coppery manicure for the working woman (lol)

3rd day of work, very casual, we were cutting and gluing and sitting on floors making posters etc
 I have GOT to stop raising that right eyebrow in photos!

A baby in the the front seat, WHY!?

I thought this was cute. Salwa (middle) and her friends sharing a blue bubble gum shake.

Mah nails today. I'd say it's a peachy pink?


I've finally gotten a chance now to post and let you all know how it's going at work. It's been great so far, alhamdulillah. Right now we are still prepping class rooms and planning lessons. School for my students will start the 15th, inshaAllah. I'm teaching English to grades 1, 2 & 3. I think then I'll really feel like I'm working. For now it just feels like I go in each day and do some things and come home, lol.

So far most of the teachers are really friendly and welcoming. I've been decorating the second grade class room with posters etc. I'll take photos of it.

Here's what I wore the first day.

Zayneb took my pic outside for me cause the power went out just then. 

I got the teacher's books for my grades and the teacher's planning binder and I'm planning the first week of lessons accordingly. I hope the kids are good and don't walk all over me! 

August 31, 2013

Random Photos

Just some photos of late....

A kitten that stays at a cafe near by. She's super friendly. 

Movenpick ice cream. So good. 

I bought this outfit for Eid, these pants are sooo comfy, I love them. I want to get a pair in black.

Slight winged eyeliner and a peachy shadow. I can never photograph make up well.

Monsoon top my sister gave me and dark jeans. 

Minimal make up for a meeting at the school.

Zayneb holding cupcakes I baked for a friend's daughter's birthday party.

Just going to do errands. I had a tailor sew the black part to the sleeves of this top from  JC Penny so I wouldn't have to layer or wear those awkward sleeve things. 

I made cosharee at home! It's a popular Egyptian dish, and it was very yummy!

August 30, 2013

Work Update!

SOOOOO, I took the job! I went to visit the school and really liked the people and their philosophy. This past week I went to sign the contract and I feel really good about it, alhamdulillah. I start on Sunday!

I really feel blessed to have this be my opportunity. It's a small school and I'll be working with people I feel comfortable. I wouldn't feel the same if it was an Egyptian run school. It's a small school and the class sizes are small so it's not so intimidating. The first 2 weeks is just teachers prepping the classes and making lesson plans so I'm glad I'll get a chance to get into the swing of things before the actual students start. I'll have gotten used to it and the place and my colleagues so I think that's good.

So I'm excited and nervous but I think it will be a good thing over all inshaAllah. Thanks for all of your support and advice!

August 14, 2013

Opportunity Knocks

Ok you guys. I need your advice. So I recently met a woman who is American/Egyptian like me living here and it turns out she's one of the owners of a school here. Actually last year she sent me a fb message asking if I'd thought about teaching and I wasn't in the right place, mentally to accept at the time.

Anyway we met at a ice cream place nearby, turns out she lives right near me. We got to talking and she asked me again to come work at her school. It's a small school and it's pretty nice. The classes are very small, like 10 kids and they're up to 8th grade at the moment. She really made it seem like she wants me because I'd expressed hesitance about being able to handle work and home and she said they'd be willing to bend rules and allow me to leave early if needed. I don't know what my schedule would be yet but my kids are old enough to come home and get settled anyway.

I have a meeting on Sunday to come see the school and talk to her about the position. I'll be teaching English of course and probably grade school kids. She didn't care that I don't have experience and assured me that the curriculum would be a good guide.

So do you lovely ladies have advice on questions to ask, things to pay attention to, what to wear!? Lol, I'm nervous and excited. This is a huge change in my life but I have a good feeling. My husband is being supportive, alhamdulillah. Although I'm nervous about being able to juggle housework, cooking, and working, I'm hoping I'll be able to be organized with my time and figure the best way to make it work.

I haven't worked at a job since before marriage. It's a daunting thought, but I'm glad the school is a small one and the woman made me feel comfortable about joining them.

Anyone go to work after a long time of staying home? Any advice or wise words here are very much appreciated! 

August 5, 2013


Ugh you guys the other day while cooking the gas was apparently on too long before I ignited the stove top and well it kinda went boom. 

It was so scary and at first for a few seconds nothing hurt but then my whole hand felt like it was on fire. We got cold water to put my hand in. While that was happening I was telling Dawood to google first aid. Thankfully it wasn't too bad but it was super scary. My husband ran out to get ointment and its getting better.   

The scary thing was the oven door flew open and the sound was so loud. I even have a bit of singed hair on my hair line.  The burn is manly on my wrist and its difficult spot cause I can't place my arm down like normal and turning my hand hurts. Alhamdulillah though really it could have been soooo much worse. 

We had someone come check the oven/stove and its ok but I'm still a little scared of it.  Ok warning gross pic: 

So I'm hoping it heals quick cause Eid is coming and I don't wanna be in pain plus  at the moment I can't stand anything touching it, sleeves you know. 

Before this happened I got some new stuff for Eid which I will definitely show you guys. Take care all :)

July 29, 2013

Short hair

So recently I chopped all my hair off. I love it. That's not to say I do miss having long hair when a Pantene commercial comes on sometimes but overall, I love it. It's so freeing and feels great.  It was originally kind of like the photo on the left and now it's grown out to look like the photo on the right.

There are things I didn't know about having short hair until now. For example bed head is ridiculous. Short hair will give you the worst bedhead ever. Every day I wake up looking like Ace Ventura or something out of Dragon Ball Z. It's hilarious but not cute.

Also when my hair was long or even medium length, I felt like it was thinning and was pretty bummed about it. Now I feel like I have so much hair. It really feels like I have more hair follicles per square inch of scalp or something. Definite plus.

 Short hair is very versatile. Yea, you can't do braids or a french twist or whatever but you can style your hair spiky or smooth, piece-y and tousled or dress it up with cute headbands and clips. My hair is more obedient now, does what I say.

What I didn't tell you is why I cut it off. I did a bad thing. I trusted a friend to give me highlights on a whim one day bored and well, it was FRIED. I mean breaking off, felt like straw, terrible. Once I cut it and added dark brown again, it was good. But seriously, learn from my mistake man, NEVER try it at home. Either way I'm glad I did it. It's really nice and easy and light and I'm really enjoying it short.

Do you have/ever had short hair? What are your thoughts?

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